About Us

Our Story

Luna Bliss LLC was created from the idea of two sisters,  wanting to create clean and pure products using natural and organic ingredients. Using a holistic approach from our reiki background, we started to create wellness products that were safe and pure for the overall wellness of the mind, body and soul.

Jennifer & Brittany-Luna Bliss
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With a holistic approach, we started on the journey  of creating gemstone oils for massage therapy, clearing sprays for reiki/meditation and clean lifestyle products for the body.  

Luna Bliss Strives to use natural ingredients from mother earth such as shea butters, mango butters, coconut oil, grape seed oils, plant and vegetable coloring, 100% pure essential oils and so on. Our mission is to stay environmentally friendly and to continue to work with other suppliers that support greener options so we can continue to work on protecting our environment. 

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