Moonbeam Protection Roller Spray


Moonbeam Protection Roller/Spray is a beautiful on the go spray, to be used for protecting your energy field and space by keeping unwanted, negative or intrusive energies away. It can be sprayed or topically applied. Created using Geranium and Sandalwood essential oils, Reiki charged water and gemstone energy. Selected gemstones of Clear Quartz Crystals and Black Tourmaline have been hand picked and moon charged.

Clear Quartz crystal is the most versatile healing stone among all the crystals and produces a force field of healing negative ions and protects the aura. Black Tourmaline provides a connection between earth and spirit. It is used to help purify negative thoughts and shield negative or unwanted energies to bring balance. 10 ML dual fitment frosted glass bottle
Shake gently before each use
Fine mist can be sprayed throughout the aura using as little or as much as you like
Apply topically behind the ears, along the temples, inner wrists or along the chest to allow the essential oils to absorb into the skin
Best used with intention, prayer, repeating a mantra or simply breathing in aroma and allow yourself to be surrounded by protective energy
Reiki charged distilled water
Geranium Essential Oil
Sandalwood Essential Oil
Witch Hazel
Clear Quartz Crystals
Black Tourmaline Gemstones
EXTERNAL USE ONLY. No harsh chemicals or dyes. Vegan/Cruelty Free.